We'll Teach You How

We help students and schools share their voice through filmmaking while they embrace acceptance, win recognition, and make a positive social impact.

20191004A - Best Director Short Film - Awards Only - GDIFF - LIKE US Movie - FSPAP - THISLEARNING
20191004A - Best Local Film - Awards Only - GDIFF - LIKE US Movie - FSPAP - THISLEARNING
20191004A - Best Film Raises Awareness - Awards Only - GDIFF - LIKE US Movie - FSPAP - THISLEARNING
20191004A - New Jersey Filmmakers Of Tomorrow - Awards Only - GDIFF - LIKE US Movie - FSPAP - THISLEARNING
20191004A - Best Supporting Actress - Awards Only - GDIFF - LIKE US Movie - FSPAP - THISLEARNING

❶ Explore What Others Have Made

Films By Kids For Kids


'LIKE US' Film Extended Trailer

Watch our award-winning, social-impact short film LIKE US – a film made by kids for kids  and be inspired by what other students have created to share their messages of acceptance while learning filmmaking and media arts.

❷ Learn How To Make Your Own

No Experience Necessary

Using actual scenes from our included student-based LIKE US movie, learn to create your own film scene using a smartphone, tablet, or camera.

❸ Share What You Create

Enter LIKE US Awards (Optional)

Follow our guides or do it your way – create and upload your own version of a scene from our LIKE US film, or even create an entirely new scene, and enter it into the next round of our LIKE US Awards competition.
optional - students not required to enter

We'll Teach You How

(No Experience Needed)

Our curriculum is based on over 10 years of film and video instructional experience by THISLEARNING® – it also incorporates social impact awareness and messages of acceptance into lessons on filmmaking as a way to teach inclusion through media arts education.

Filmmaking Courses

Access to 100-level courses, our premium resource for students to help you learn filmmaking with your school or group.

Built-in Community

Join in conversations with students at every stage of the challenge. Share your big wins, get feedback on your ideas, ask for help or get inspiration from what others are doing.

Group Mentorship Sessions

We’ll host virtual Q&A sessions where our mentors will answer any questions you have about your own filmmaking or scene development.

Make A Scene. Change The World.

Believing in ourselves, letting go, and accepting others can help support acceptance and create safe spaces. Celebrate filmmaking and acceptance with us when we announce our annual LIKE US Award winners.

Win For Doing Good

LIKE US Awards

Be inspired by others or create a totally new take with your own ideas – all you need is to take our course on filmmaking and acceptance, and use your tablet, smartphone, or video camera to create your own short scene or short film to share messages of acceptance.

Safe Space Support Checklist

We believe harassment and bullying should never be tolerated, and that our schools and communities should always strive to be a safe place for all students. We encourage students, staff, and parents to report all incidents of harassment and bullying so that the school can address them before the situation escalates. Please consult with your parents, teachers, and administration for support. These resources may help.

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